Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Kalgoorlie. W.A

Hello Family and Friends,
We have finally headed north and hopefully for a bit of sunshine.
We had a great few days at Wave Rock. We climbed all over it exploring all it had to show us. I particularly like the rocks which had been sculptured by wind and rain. Rex thought the rock shape and its colours were startling with the stripes similiar to tiger stripes running down its face. Leaving Wave rock we decided to go the adventurous way to Norseman - 300kms of gravel road but we planned to do it in 2 hits. This is called The Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail and there are places of interest highlighted along its course. Midway there are a couple of places to camp. We chose Mcdermid Rock as our overnight camp. A mini Ayres Rock. On the walk around and over this rock we found many holes holding water from recent rain and small dips in the rock in which little gardens of moss and shrubs had formed which reminded me of the structure of Japanese gardens. Had a wonderful campfire dinner. Hearing rain once again overnight we packed up quickly the next morning thinking the gravel road may hold some problems. It was an interesting trip from there on with sheets of water running down and at times right across the road. Mud and water were flying at times but we made it through to Norseman. The car and camper were red by the time we got there but the rain to Kalgoorlie has washed a bit of it off. After settling in at the caravan park at Boulder we travelled the 4kms into Kalgoorlie to buy some supplies and a new camera - the old one died at Wave Rock. Tonight we have experienced planes taking off just outside our back door. Little did we know when we checked in that the caravan park was on the edge of an airfield.
Tomorrow we plan to move on to Goongarrie National Park where there is an old homestead and salt lakes. Lets see if we can bring them rain.
Photo is Rex at Wave Rock - one of the last the camera took.
Catch up again soon.
Rex and Rob

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