Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Norseman W.A

Hi Family and Friends.
We have finally made it to W.A. Our last few days in S.A were spent in remote areas - all beautiful. First was Cactus - a surfers heaven, with spectacular waves to catch. Second was Fowlers Bay; a small seaside town with 14 permanent residents. Rex caught a salmon trout and a leather jacket from the pier and dinner was on at the Heywoods not for fellow campers but for the local mice when Rex tipped some fish burley on the ground outside the camper. They came from everywhere. Lastly was Koonalda Homestead. Along the roadway they have signs to be careful of - camels, kangaroos and wombats. I said to Rob when I saw these signs that we have seen other remarkable sights but I still want to see a camel and a dingo. Further up the road we turned off into the desert scrub and made for the abandoned homestead about 20 k in. We were surprised at how good the main house and the out buildings were. This house was on the old Eyre Highway and was a mechanical repair garage in earlier times which was the reason for about 150 cars going back to earth, rusting out, having been left there years ago when they had broken down. This property got its water from a sinkhole cave about 10 k further inland. After checking out the sinkhole and on our way back to our camp we saw a red dingo which was a surprise and I said to Rob that is another of the things I wanted to see that has happened. As we pulled into our camp beside the old house, standing down the road was another dingo; an unusual white dingo and this time I managed to get a photo of it. See photo. The other thing that I was pleased to have experienced was the dingoes howling to each other during the night. Another really memorable time on this trip.
At Norseman we had time to have a look around town. It originated due to a horse picking up a bit of quartz in his hoof which made him lame and on further investigation the quartz was found to be gold bearing. The horse's name was Norseman and so a town was born. It still has a working goldmine. Tomorrow we move on to Esperance.
Catch up again soon
Rex and Rob

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