Monday, May 24, 2010

From Wave Rock

Today we left the beautiful Stirling Ranges clouded in mist. Over the last few days we have stayed at St John Brook Conservation Park, Mt Barker and Moingup Springs in the Stirling Ranges.. On our travels out of the UP area (the reason for this name is all locations seem to end with up and we are still trying to work out why) we have seen signs of different animals such as deer rubs in Shannon national Park. Rex talked to the lass at Manimjup information centre and she suggested that he go and talk to the environment people. They were pleased to hear and took note of the location; they also mentioned there were feral pigs, goats and brumbies up around the lakes. We called in at Muir Lake observation area and were lucky enough to actually see brumbies. Another surprise by being at the right place at the right time. Over the last few days we have been experiencing wild and stormy weather - lightning, thunder and rain. The camper has shook alarmingly at times but has managed to withstand the onslaught. We arrived at Wave Rock in clearing conitions and got to have a look around. We will stay over tomorrow to see the Humps and Mulka's Cave before heading along The Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail to Norseman - 300km of adventure. We hope it doesn't rain in the meantime and they close the road. Photo selection is tough.

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