Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Leonora, Outback W.A

Hi Family and Friends,
We have left the rain behind and are enjoying beautiful weather. Over the last few days since leaving Kalgoorlie we have stayed at Goongarrie Station - abandoned. It has been taken over by the Department of Conservation and Environment and is available to camp or to stay in the homestead or the shearers cottage. We originally booked in for 1 day but stayed for 2 it was so beautiful and relaxing. We walked the station discovering diggings where gold had been discovered, finding old cars and machinery which Rex enjoyed and trails with interpretive signs on the trees and shrubs. The birds discovered my solar dyeing in plastic bags, thought it was lunch and tried to fly off with them, leaving holes in the bags so I had to do some repairing and replacing. From Goongarrie we travelled on to Menzies where the Council Caravan Park leaved a lot to be desired. The council garbage truck came in at the break of dawn and crashed and banged. There was a lot of permanent prospectors living in the park and we felt as though we were intruding although I did catch sight of a good size nugget of gold that one was showing his mate as we were packing up. While we were at Menzies we went out to Lake Ballard. It is the site for "Inside Australia" exhibition by Antony Gormley. It comprises of 51 sculptures spread out in the eerie setting on a salt lake 51 kms out of Menzies. A photo of one of the sculptures is our choice of photo for this update. Instead of sticking to the highway we went inland to Niagra Dam created in the early 1900's for the gold mining. We camped close to the Dam and had a beautiful view from the camper over the water. Again we explored the gold diggings looking for that elusive speck of colour. I did find some lovely rose quartz and we came across a herd of feral goats to Rex's delight. Two billy's put on a display for us by smashing their horns together. Then it was on to Leonora. I passed through this way 26 years ago with my girls and their 2 friends. It was interesting to see the changes. Apparently it had a new beginning after we passed through when it was virtually a ghost town. Another 20 years has passed and it looks like another down turn. The mine is still working but the shops in town look like most of them have gone out of business. The old boarding house where I took the girls photo 26 years ago had gone through a restoration and has now fallen into disrepair once more. I got Rex to take my photo with my head stiking out of one of the miners rooms similiar to the photo we took all those years ago. Tomorrow we go to Sandstone up the old Agnew Rd. Agnew still hasn't got any fuel but it does have its pub.
We sent our love to all our followers.
Catch up soon
Rex and Rob


  1. It's great to read your blogs and it feels like we are travelling with you. There is so much to see, it would be great if we could take the time out to smell the roses as you are both doing.
    Love as always
    O & sHAZ

  2. Hi Mum and Dad, Hope this finds you well. I must say I can't remember much of being in leonore 26 years ago! can I repeat 26 Years ago! My goodness. Is that the place where the photo of me was taken in the toilet? not on it. I looked at the map to locate your exact position. Finished my last assignment it was due in last night at midnight submitted it at 11.35pm, Just got a weeks placement and then it's 5 weeks off. Yeah! Kids are well. Harri will kick anything that remotely resembles a footy at the moment and Brianna is practising her cartwheels at every opportunity as well. Has decided she will do gymnastics as well next term. I don't know how you did with 4 kids. I suppose we were good kids! WE miss you and look forward to your next blog. Love to you both. Safe and happy travels. Lee BT Bri & Ha xxxx