Monday, June 7, 2010

From Paraburdoo in the Pilbara

Hi Family and Friends,

After 9 weeks on the road we have finally arrived at my sister Sharon's home in Paraburdoo where we are being totally spoilt by her and her husband Owen.

We travelled from Leonora to Sandstone via the old Agnew Road It is a road that is being promoted as a tourist trail although it was the only road 26 years ago. There are different points along the road highlighting the history of the area such as wells, boundary fences, gold towns etc.

Doyles Well was the site of a pub on the Cobb and Co route to the gold fields around Agnew. Not much left of what would have been a centre of activity in the early 1900's except the concrete swimming pool. Closer to Agnew is what was the township of Lawler. Everything has been levelled except the police station which is now inside mine property. It was amongst the debris here that I found a 1917 silver threepence. Then there was the cemetary full of people that had died too young. On this road we also found a rock which neither of us saw on a sidetrack around the water which covered the road. We both heard the bang as it hit and scraped all the way down crumpling the petrol tank cover. Luckily it did no major damage and was still drivable and we arrived in Sandstone safely where Rex managed to push aside and wedge the offending part that was rubbing on the tail shaft.

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