Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Wild and Wooley Wallaroo

Hello to Family and Friends.
From Mt Gambier we had a short trip to Beachport: a nice little town with a row of shops, a servo, and a long pier with all the unloading gear for the cray fishing fleet. We camped at the Conservation Park about 6 kms out of town in a nice area of green seaside scrub, opposite a big salt lake called George - a playground for sand drivers. We visited the local Natural Trust Museum which held some interesting collections including guns, fossils, machinery, butterflies and a weaving loom. Had pie and coffee on the grass and fished off the pier - no fish. We did all the local walks seeing wild beaches, eroded cliffs and watched surf that crashed great sprays over the rocks. Night excitment was we had a critter in bed with us during the night; don't know how it got in, searched and couldn't find it in the morning so it must have got out the same way. We opened the bottle of champagne supplied by my brother Kim and toasted his birthday the next night and slept soundly.
We arrived in Robe and settled into a caravan park with great views of the sea. It was called Sea Vue - funny about that. This is where Rex got a balance problem; like being drunk without having the good time. The local doctor gave him some tablets that helped. While waiting at the doctors we noticed some knitting for the needy to be done by anyone waiting. What a great idea. Makes waiting time go much quicker. We fed the fish off the jetty bought fish and chips for tea, walked around the area seeing old gaols, blowholes in eroding cliffs, historic buildings and the Marina with cool boats. We got some wild weather while here, thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Glad to stay an extra day.
The Coroong was sadly closed due to vermin control so we travelled on to Mannum on the Murray. This place was recommended by the magazine 'On the Road' and it is free. We got a nice spot on the river, put in the shrimp net and got heaps of bait but you guessed it - no fish. The flies were terrible, so was the loud music which continued well into the night. We stayed only one night. Next morning we caught the ferry over the river and onto Innes National Park.
This place was known for its Gypsum; big industry in its day. The park has various campsites; we stayed at Shell Beach. We walked to lighthouses with trails too close to 15o -200 feet drops, walked down stairs set in the cliff to ship wrecks buried in the sand, watched dolphins in Dolphin Bay, saw squid being caught off the pier. The incident of this beautiful park was an
emu standing right in the middle of the road like a London Bobby saying holt and only moving off when we stopped. Left in rain to the safe harbour of Wallaroo where we are now still in stormy
Catch up again soon Rob and Rex

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