Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Mt Gambier

G'Day Rex Here.

We hope that all that read our blog are fit healthy and happy.

We travelled on from Heywood to Glenelg National Park. We passed through Portland visiting the Seal Colony where it was good to see half a dozen seals playing. Then visited the Petrified Forest; trees turned to stone. Blowholes in the rocky shoreline with a background of giant wind turbines with their giant propellers - needless to say it was windy. Down the road and in the same area a place called Tarragal Caves created by wind and erosion from the nearby surf. Further on Bridewater Lakes. We travelled on and camped at Pritchards on the Glenelg River. I was surprised at it's size. I thought it was as big as the Murray. A well laid out camp ground with jettys to fish from and everyone was catching fish. Surprise! Surprise! From the grandkids to the grandparents. Mostly undersize but plenty of them. At our evening barby we had the wildlife that had been hand feed visiting us around the fire.

From here we travelled on to Mt Gambier City. This city matches any in being updated, modern and bustling with lots of tourist attractions. We settled into a caravan park between the crater lakes and from this base we have been visiting: The lady nelson Discovery Centre, Umpherston sinkhole - larger than your kitchen sinkhole - it is 200 metres across and a 100 metres deep and has been turned into a garden with hanging vines. You can descend to the base which has been turned into lovely gardens and walking around the lakes in the area including Blue lake. Tonight we are going up to Centary Tower to overlook the lights of the city. Tomorrow on to Beachport.

Thats all for now . Catch up with you soon.

Rex and Rob


  1. Certainly sounds like you are enjoying yourself. How many fish did Rex catch and prepare for Robyn's dinner at Pritchards?

    Have you taken photos and are you going to post them?

    Take care,
    Brian & Lee

  2. Giday Rexie, Jamie Here, We must be related, we both have the same last name, Here, :)

    I beleive Mt Gambier is a sensational place and hope to visit it myself one day....

    I just checked out a website, worthwhile you having a look at.

    A mate of mine goes there to Scuba Dive in Engelbrecht Cave and can only describe it as the most exhilarating experience of his life.

    Did you know that Blue Lake is the only lake in the world that changes from sombre grey to brilliant turquoise blue each summer?
    Bit of Trivia for ya...


    Luv No.1 Son