Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Heywood Victoria

We started our trip at Melville Caves. Good campsite with campfire dining. Walks were good with us getting navigationally disorientated a few times. Lucky we had the sun and the stars
if they had been required as well as a map. 4 km route march we found the camper - best sight.
Granite boulders amazing as was Melvilles Cave. Worth a visit. Magical moment - Rex whistling
in a Wedge Tail Eagle. It came down so close it looked us in the eye.
From here we went to St Arnaud National Park. No fishing, no boating, Teddington Reservoir empty apart from run off from recent rain. Memorable moments. Rex walking into a Golden Orbweaver spider; the web was spun of golden silk; the largest stumpy tail lizard I have ever seen and exploring the gold diggings. Found a water channel dug by miners similiar to that at Sheepyard Flat.
Onto the Grampians. Camped at Buandik Campsite. Here the rain really made its presence felt.
Bucketed down. We managed to climb up to the waterfalls twice with it growing more spectacular each time because of the rain. Bilimina Shelter andManjaShelter - aboriginal gathering places - took me back to imagine what it must have been like a couple of thousand years ago. The rocks with multi level caves reminded me of an ancient apartment block. We left in the rain travelling to Heywood and the refuge of a caravan park. Showers and washing attended to and later having power to catch up with our friends.
Tomorrow Lower Glenelg National Park.
Love to all Rex and Rob


  1. Glad to see you are off to a enjoyable start.

    Did you get our first message (as I think we were not visible to you)? Are we visible as a follower?

    Typical to see a photo of Rex at the fire.

    Take care,
    The Thiele's

  2. It sounds amazing and it's just the start of your trip. Enjoy, wish were with you.
    sharon & Owen

  3. Are...... at the town of HEYWOOD.

    Nice place, Havnt been there yet but believe I have been told a story of the founder, Great, Great, Great Grandpa Heywood. Thanks Rexie... The things I remember.. Oh I also remember Rexie whistling at birds, a wedge tail eagle was a surprise to me :). Good reading.

    Take Care Luv No.1 Son.

  4. Hi Robyn & Rex
    it is freezing in Melbourne, it must be snowing somewhere. So keep going Northward!! Just as well Rex stopped whistling before he was taken away, what a wonderful sight for you both. We will miss Robyn at the Shakespeare weavers this Sunday. i'm very misty eyed reading your blog and looking forward to going away next year.
    Keep safe and rock on the retirees
    gayle gissing